i finally joined this century, and joined Instagram. It is my latest addiction. I check it countless times a day, eager for new pics, new friends, and of course, nice compliments 🙂 But my favorite thing (today) is how easy it makes it to show my art.  It has become what i thought this blog would be-i quick, easy way to show my sketches and paintings. But for some reason, even this blog seems to take tooo loooong. i mean, i have to turn ON my computer, WRITE in my password, WAIT for the screen to load…THEN click the internet icon in my DASHBOARD….then more PASSWORDS and WAITING………PHEW!!!!! Who has time for that every day?? (patience with technology is not one of my strengths.)

Then Instagram and i were introduced last week. i found a couple other artist who i LOOOOOOVE. who INSPIRED me and made me excited about drawing again!!! and now that i have a couple pics of a couple little sketches, i want to share them with you. Here you go!!


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Paintings for others

A few weeks ago, a local mom hired me to paint a custom piece for her daughter’s 5th birthday. Here it is:



And then, after that, i made a little painting for friends of mine who are getting married. i was really stuck on what to get them for a Bridal Shower gift, and my better half and i figured a little piece of art would be a good way to go.  From the heart, and way more meaningful than any gift i could afford.  Hope they like it!


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I’m Baaaa-aaaaaack!

I have been away for WAY too long. It’s time to get back to the drawing board!

(my drawing board is the kitchen table 🙂 


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Bumbershoot theatre had a Pinkalicious Cupcake contest, and here’s the link to some pictures taken by SNAP Okanagan. Check out those yummy looking cupcakes, and my art in the background!!!


On another note, I have the pleasure of starting to work with Bumbershoot Theatre for their next production, “Dooby Dooby Moo!” It’ll be my first time back onstage since my kidlets were born, and I can’t wait to warm up my vocal chords, dust off my dancing shoes, and play with some fantastic actors !! It’s a show for kids, which means my little girls will get to come and see it.  I am SOOO excited!!! I’m a bit nervous to be honest, as it’s been so long, but  it will be so much fun, and will feel so great to do something for kids.

Well, i really ought to go and pack up my house a bit, as Rob, the girls and i are moving into our new home next weekend. WOAAAAH!!!! Our own place!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! Now, off to work…..


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Don’t make me Blush!

That’s the name of the latest painting I’ve finished!  Here it is!

"Don't Make me Blush!"

It was commissioned by a friend of mine, but I might try to paint a similar one for myself ! There is much work to be done around our house right now, as we just bought our first place!!! So I should be packing up boxes and such, but finding ways to procrastinate is much more fun.  Blogging and painting and drinking coffee are legitimate tasks though, amiright???

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More Paintings!

Here are a few more close-ups of some recent paintings I’ve done. Then I’m off to paint some more!

Artwork at Bumbershoot Theatre

All sorts of paintings at Bumbershoot Theatre

My Art Room is Freezing!

An abstract piece, "My Art Room is Freezing!"

Queenie the Quail

Queenie the Quail

I'm cold! Me too!

Cold ice cubes snuggling up to keep warm

Madelyn Mermaid

Madelyn Mermaid

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Best. Advice. EVER.

“Erase the words, ‘yea, but’ from your vocabulary. There is never a perfect time, you’ll never have the right balance in your checking account, you’ll never feel safe enough, or ready enough to do what you want. So, just get on with it already.” Pamela Barsky, Designer

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Art at Bumbershoot Theatre!!

It is official~my art is now up and on display!!!! HOOOOLY CRAAAAAAP!! It feels SO fantastic!! Bumbershoot Theatre, a marvelous  theatre company here in Kelowna, has given me this opportunity to show my art, and I am so, SOOO grateful.  It is such a creative little hub, and I am SO excited and honored to be part of the fun.  As of this week, I’m feeling closer than ever to achieving a long-standing dream of mine: being a mom, at home with my kidlets, making art. Nothing sounds more perfect than painting and coloring and playing together, and then sharing all that bright, colorful artwork for all to enjoy.   Here it is!!


Ta-Daaaa!! Me and my paintings!

It is SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!! Never before have my abstract and cartoon paintings been on display together, and I am so happy with it! With MUCH help from my family and friends, we hung the abstract art up higher on the wall for a gallery for grown-ups, and the cartoons low, like a gallery for kids! I’ve always wanted to create art that was accessible and easy to connect to, and that inspired children (and adults) to explore their own creative voices.  Paintings that are bright, colorful, fun, and not too serious-paintings that make people smile. We all can use a pick me up now and then, and I hope my art does that.  Here are close-ups of a couple of pieces:

Owl in a Tree

Toadstool Love

Cupcake Family

Hey Sugar!

So there’s a little taste!! Thanks so much for taking a look, let me know what you think! And come on down to Bumbershoot Theatre and check it out!! Hoooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EEEeek!!!! Hooraaaay!!

Quick little post to say that new things are brewing in my art life, and I’m very, veeery, VEEEERY excited!! I must go do some painting, as the founder of a kid’s theatre company in town, “Bumbershoot”, has asked me if I’d like to display my work!! AAAAAAaand….. then an art showing!!! I’ve never had anything like that in my LIFE, and I’m so beyond excited!!
Boil the kettle, pour some hot chocolate, and let the paint flow~a thousand sparkly, cutesy little creatures are about to be created in my art room!!!!!

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Elvis the Kitten

There’s a new member of the family, and he’s my new art room companion: Elvis the Kitten. So far he is really great company, even when he’s sticking his nose in paint and stepping on my paintings 🙂

Elvis the Kitten

It's nice to have company while I paint 🙂

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