It is official. At this exact moment, i am breaking this blog’s virginity. KICK ASS.

After a very inspiring day with a lovely friend, i finally feel brave enough to start this thing. To take a leap, to jump out into this new world. WOOOOOO!!

And to the 2 people i know who will read this, thanks for your help and encouragement, and for the kick in the buttocks 🙂


There. It’s done. i wrote my first post ever.

and it RULES.


July 25, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Rob replied:

    Yay! Go Missy!

  2. Jessika replied:

    WOOOO!!!! You rock lady! Way to bust out your first post…I will be watching 😀

    annndd….I’m the very first to comment. YESSSsss!

  3. Amy bates replied:


    • Lisa replied:

      pfffft…… finally

      …..jk – looking forward to reading, Rob

  4. Kim Welton replied:

    Love it

  5. shannymoore replied:

    Thanks you guys!!!

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