Dirty, Flirty Thirty!

Holy CRAAAAp-in 3 more sleeps, i will leave the land of my 20’s, and embark on my 30’s.
And you know what? I’m really looking forward to it!
Yes, it sounds much more grown up and responsible than i feel, but I love the thought of leaving my mixed-up 20’s behind. I feel more willing and able to embrace and accept and LOVE myself the way I am. It feels as though all that pressure of being ‘something’ and ‘making it’ is fading away, and I am left with a wonderful sense of contentment and thankfulness. Now i can pursue the things i love, just because i love them. There is no need to impress anyone or be anything but myself. And gosh darnnit, it feels FANTASTIC ❤


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The boy who couldn’t dance, taught me to dance

These past 2 weeks have not been easy. In fact, to be honest, they have been very, very difficult. A close friend lost his life, and i don’t really know how to cope. He was young, only 20, and lost his wonderful life in a very tragic way.

This past week’s Illustration Friday word was “Influence.” So, i wanted to capture one of the many beautiful ways Scott influenced me. It’s too soon for him to be gone. Yet he lived every moment of his life to the absolute full, and has done more in his 20 years than most EVER do in their whole entire life. For that Scott, i thank you.

And i also thank you for teaching me to waltz, and laugh out loud xoxo

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First cartoon!

Okay, the time has come:

I have completed the first cartoon with my tablet which I feel is worthy of being posted on this here blog. What gave me the final push was this weeks’ “Illustration Friday” word of inspiration: “Imperfect”

The pic is called “Oh Coffee, how i love thee.” The cartoon itself isn’t about imperfection, but the inspiration to finally post it is:

1) None of my drawings are perfect, or ever will be, and that’s just fine

2) There is never a ‘perfect’ time to pursue my drawing, i just have to sneak it in when i can, between all the fun, yet life-consuming duties of being a mom of 2 little girls

3) “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” I need to stop letting perfectionism stand in the way of ever moving forward.

So, here it is, a drawing for you, and a big step for me, with the desire to push forward, imperfections and all 🙂

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