The boy who couldn’t dance, taught me to dance

These past 2 weeks have not been easy. In fact, to be honest, they have been very, very difficult. A close friend lost his life, and i don’t really know how to cope. He was young, only 20, and lost his wonderful life in a very tragic way.

This past week’s Illustration Friday word was “Influence.” So, i wanted to capture one of the many beautiful ways Scott influenced me. It’s too soon for him to be gone. Yet he lived every moment of his life to the absolute full, and has done more in his 20 years than most EVER do in their whole entire life. For that Scott, i thank you.

And i also thank you for teaching me to waltz, and laugh out loud xoxo


August 25, 2011. Tags: , , , , . Cartoon.


  1. Amy replied:

    Shannon you are a true artist and you blow mind! I’m absolutely in love with this peice!!

  2. Cormac replied:

    Unsurprisingly, your blog reminds me of you. And unsurprisingly, your blog is awesome! Cheers to you!

  3. shannymoore replied:

    Thank you guys, feedback from you means so much! ❤

  4. Jessika replied:

    Very cute!! I love the expressions of joy you captured on their faces. It makes me want to dance too!

  5. shannymoore replied:

    Thanks Jessika! Compliments from you mean a TON!!

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