Art at Bumbershoot Theatre!!

It is official~my art is now up and on display!!!! HOOOOLY CRAAAAAAP!! It feels SO fantastic!! Bumbershoot Theatre, a marvelous  theatre company here in Kelowna, has given me this opportunity to show my art, and I am so, SOOO grateful.  It is such a creative little hub, and I am SO excited and honored to be part of the fun.  As of this week, I’m feeling closer than ever to achieving a long-standing dream of mine: being a mom, at home with my kidlets, making art. Nothing sounds more perfect than painting and coloring and playing together, and then sharing all that bright, colorful artwork for all to enjoy.   Here it is!!


Ta-Daaaa!! Me and my paintings!

It is SOOOO EXCITING!!!!!! Never before have my abstract and cartoon paintings been on display together, and I am so happy with it! With MUCH help from my family and friends, we hung the abstract art up higher on the wall for a gallery for grown-ups, and the cartoons low, like a gallery for kids! I’ve always wanted to create art that was accessible and easy to connect to, and that inspired children (and adults) to explore their own creative voices.  Paintings that are bright, colorful, fun, and not too serious-paintings that make people smile. We all can use a pick me up now and then, and I hope my art does that.  Here are close-ups of a couple of pieces:

Owl in a Tree

Toadstool Love

Cupcake Family

Hey Sugar!

So there’s a little taste!! Thanks so much for taking a look, let me know what you think! And come on down to Bumbershoot Theatre and check it out!! Hoooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 20, 2012. Tags: , , , , . Art!, Cartoon, Painting.


  1. timruane24 replied:

    hey sugar is the best. nice.

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Bumbershoot’s at 125-1295 Cannery Lane, across from the Laurel Building, adjacent to Prospera Place parking lot.

  3. Amy replied:

    Beautiful! Just like you my friend. I loooove the idea of the paintings higher and the drawings lower for the kids. How did you get so awesome!! Woohoo! I hope you sell them all but if you don’t I’d like to buy the 4 panel green and yellow paintings!! Let me know! I love you girly!

    • shannymoore replied:

      Thanks so much Miss Amy, your encouragement means the WORLD!! you are the BEST!!!! How about i paint you a similar one to the 4 panel one, as that is one of the only couple pieces that aren’t for sale! (i did that one for my bro, but it doesn’t fit in his place right now 🙂

  4. Jessika von Innerebner replied:

    OMG!!! This is AWESOME! How did I not hear of this??? Is your show still on, can I come see?? Your paintings are so adorable and great work 😀

    So proud of you!

    • shannymoore replied:

      Yes!! It’s still up!!! You can still see it, and i would be HONORED if you checked it out, seeing as how you are my artistic hero and all! ❤

    • shannymoore replied:

      … and thank you for your encouragement. You are the best ❤

  5. forthrightforever replied:

    Wicked Shannon, looks great. I’m interested in you perhaps painting me up something for my room. We can talk about it Saturday!

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