i finally joined this century, and joined Instagram. It is my latest addiction. I check it countless times a day, eager for new pics, new friends, and of course, nice compliments 🙂 But my favorite thing (today) is how easy it makes it to show my art.  It has become what i thought this blog would be-i quick, easy way to show my sketches and paintings. But for some reason, even this blog seems to take tooo loooong. i mean, i have to turn ON my computer, WRITE in my password, WAIT for the screen to load…THEN click the internet icon in my DASHBOARD….then more PASSWORDS and WAITING………PHEW!!!!! Who has time for that every day?? (patience with technology is not one of my strengths.)

Then Instagram and i were introduced last week. i found a couple other artist who i LOOOOOOVE. who INSPIRED me and made me excited about drawing again!!! and now that i have a couple pics of a couple little sketches, i want to share them with you. Here you go!!


September 17, 2012. Tags: , . Art!, Cartoon, Instagram. 1 comment.

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