First cartoon!

Okay, the time has come:

I have completed the first cartoon with my tablet which I feel is worthy of being posted on this here blog. What gave me the final push was this weeks’ “Illustration Friday” word of inspiration: “Imperfect”

The pic is called “Oh Coffee, how i love thee.” The cartoon itself isn’t about imperfection, but the inspiration to finally post it is:

1) None of my drawings are perfect, or ever will be, and that’s just fine

2) There is never a ‘perfect’ time to pursue my drawing, i just have to sneak it in when i can, between all the fun, yet life-consuming duties of being a mom of 2 little girls

3) “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” I need to stop letting perfectionism stand in the way of ever moving forward.

So, here it is, a drawing for you, and a big step for me, with the desire to push forward, imperfections and all 🙂


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