A bit of inspiration and encouragement

“…I don’t agree with the point of view that says you should focus your energy on correcting weak points before moving on.  Doing so is bound to be draining and frustrating, and it won’t bring you to a higher overall skill level. To raise your artistic skills, push yourself in those ares where you show signs of strength, where you excel, or where you are most inspired and driven. Work on improving your weaknesses as the need arises. But don’t slow your progress to a grinding halt simply because you have weaknesses. Keep pressing your boundaries. See where your talent leads you.” Christopher Hart

Ya. Preach it, brother. This is true with art, and all other aspects of my life. I’ve  just gotta keep pressing on, and being kind to myself.  I’ve  gotta lot to learn, but i have to stop acting like i don’t know anything.


(and I have to stop using lower case ‘i’ when I refer to myself. An upper-case “I” doesn’t mean i have a big ego, nor does a small ‘i’ mean I am humble. i don’t know where I even got that idea in the first place)



July 27, 2011. Quotes. Leave a comment.

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