I’m Baaaa-aaaaaack!

I have been away for WAY too long. It’s time to get back to the drawing board!

(my drawing board is the kitchen table 🙂 



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Best. Advice. EVER.

“Erase the words, ‘yea, but’ from your vocabulary. There is never a perfect time, you’ll never have the right balance in your checking account, you’ll never feel safe enough, or ready enough to do what you want. So, just get on with it already.” Pamela Barsky, Designer

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EEEeek!!!! Hooraaaay!!

Quick little post to say that new things are brewing in my art life, and I’m very, veeery, VEEEERY excited!! I must go do some painting, as the founder of a kid’s theatre company in town, “Bumbershoot”, has asked me if I’d like to display my work!! AAAAAAaand….. then an art showing!!! I’ve never had anything like that in my LIFE, and I’m so beyond excited!!
Boil the kettle, pour some hot chocolate, and let the paint flow~a thousand sparkly, cutesy little creatures are about to be created in my art room!!!!!

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I got hung up about three weeks ago on a tricky part of a drawing, and was stuck in a mini rut. But, I’ve got to put my perfectionism aside.  This weeks’ illustration Friday word, ‘ferocious’ has inspired me, so I’m working on it…I will post it! Just cause i get stuck on one drawing, doesn’t mean I should stop drawing until I finish it. I just need to put it aside, start fresh, and, if i want, return to the unfinished drawing another day.

It’s a drawing, for crying out loud. i will not be defeated!!

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Dirty, Flirty Thirty!

Holy CRAAAAp-in 3 more sleeps, i will leave the land of my 20’s, and embark on my 30’s.
And you know what? I’m really looking forward to it!
Yes, it sounds much more grown up and responsible than i feel, but I love the thought of leaving my mixed-up 20’s behind. I feel more willing and able to embrace and accept and LOVE myself the way I am. It feels as though all that pressure of being ‘something’ and ‘making it’ is fading away, and I am left with a wonderful sense of contentment and thankfulness. Now i can pursue the things i love, just because i love them. There is no need to impress anyone or be anything but myself. And gosh darnnit, it feels FANTASTIC ❤

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It is official. At this exact moment, i am breaking this blog’s virginity. KICK ASS.

After a very inspiring day with a lovely friend, i finally feel brave enough to start this thing. To take a leap, to jump out into this new world. WOOOOOO!!

And to the 2 people i know who will read this, thanks for your help and encouragement, and for the kick in the buttocks 🙂


There. It’s done. i wrote my first post ever.

and it RULES.

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