EEEeek!!!! Hooraaaay!!

Quick little post to say that new things are brewing in my art life, and I’m very, veeery, VEEEERY excited!! I must go do some painting, as the founder of a kid’s theatre company in town, “Bumbershoot”, has asked me if I’d like to display my work!! AAAAAAaand….. then an art showing!!! I’ve never had anything like that in my LIFE, and I’m so beyond excited!!
Boil the kettle, pour some hot chocolate, and let the paint flow~a thousand sparkly, cutesy little creatures are about to be created in my art room!!!!!


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Elvis the Kitten

There’s a new member of the family, and he’s my new art room companion: Elvis the Kitten. So far he is really great company, even when he’s sticking his nose in paint and stepping on my paintings 🙂

Elvis the Kitten

It's nice to have company while I paint 🙂

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